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Embrace the Colors of the Fall Season with DiaNoche Designs

Fall into the spirit of the season with artistic designs inspired by the most popular colors for autumn 2016. Each year, Pantone selects the colors that are set to dominate the globe, as well as the trendiest hues that correlate to each season. This year, the top 10 colors for fall include a wide variety of beautiful shades that span the entire spectrum:

embrace colors of fall

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The History of Abstract Art

Although abstract art has arguably always been around, what we think of as abstract art arose at the end of the 19th century. Artists like James Whistler created paintings that were geared towards creating a visual impact, and were less concerned with accurately depicting an object. In England, JMW Turner captured the industrial revolution by painting pictures of trains that obscured the landscape and instead created an atmosphere of action and rapid movement.

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Show Your Hometown Pride in Your Dorm Room!

Custom designer shower curtainsDesigner Shower Curtains

Every year, students who get homesick make the decision to leave their secondary education behind them, and return to surroundings and people that they know and are comfortable with. DiaNoche Designs understands your need to stay grounded and let the world know how proud you are of your roots! Display one of our custom designer shower curtains depicting your city and enjoy a little bit of home every time you start a new day.

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Add Color to Your Child’s Room with Artistic Wall Designs and More!

You want to create a room that your children will feel at home in. What you may not realize is that your choices in color and design can have a direct impact on how your child behaves. Color can heal, soothe, excite, inspire, or even agitate children who are even more sensitive to the psychological impact of color than adults. Let’s take a look at the different effects color may have on your child.

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Why We Love City Chic Tote Bags!

Colorful art totesUnique artistic bags

What’s not to love about our DiaNoche City Chic Tote Bags? Life is too short to spend a single day without the beauty of art, and the vivid colors that make you feel happy and energetic! There are lots of reasons to treat yourself to one of these artistic tote bags. Are you getting ready to go back to school? These tote bags are perfect to store all your classroom necessities! Are you taking a last minute vacation? These are perfect carry-on totes to hold all your flight essentials. Whatever the occasion, grab your tote and go!

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Summer Sweepstakes are Here! Enter to WIN Outdoor Patio Decor!

Summer Sweepstakes are Here! Enter to WIN!


One Lucky Person Will Win Two DiaNoche Designs Outdoor Patio Cushions & Pillows

Bring design outside this summer with bold and bright patio decor while adding extra allure to your outdoor room. Our cushions firmly stand 3 inches with ties in two corners to hold the cushion in place. The pillows add a level of comfort for your next family get together, BBQ or snuggling by the fire. Good Luck! ENTER TO WIN HERE! 

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Set the Perfect Mood - Use Color Psychology in Your Home

Ask any interior designer and they’ll tell you that choosing the right color scheme is always at the top of their list. What is known as “color psychology” has been attributed to the study of how various hues can affect human behavior and perception. Different colors often come with certain associations, creating an impact on how we interpret the mood of a room, or even the mood of ourselves.

DiaNoche's color psychology creates a perfect mood

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5 Dreamy Ways to Use Wall Tapestries!

A wall tapestry is an easy way to bring a dreamy feel to any room. The tapestries from DiaNoche Designs include a variety of whimsical and surreal designs created by real artists. Each creation is unique, bringing a unique work of art into your home that will add energy and give new character to a bedroom, dorm room, living area, outdoor area, and more. Below are five tips on how to make the most of your tapestry design of choice.

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Monogrammed Accessories: The Perfect Personalized Graduation Gift!

You remember that feeling that comes with graduation: You have a tremendous sense of accomplishment and the sudden realization that you are no longer a child. If you want to give a graduate a gift that will truly mean something to them, start with a great gift item and personalize it with their monogram. With so many fun and useful products, like colorful and cozy blankets and pillows, at DiaNoche Designs you can find the perfect start to a truly unique graduation gift!

monogramed items available

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