DiaNoche Designs Featured Artist: Nicola Joyner (nJoyArt)

DiaNoche Designs Featured Artist: Nicola Joyner

Artist Bio

Originally from the Cayman Islands, Nicola Joyner (nJoyArt) now lives in Maine with her husband and 2 young daughters. Her career began as a graphic designer in the greeting card industry where she first started painting art specifically for cards. Eventually she left her day job as an art director to raise a family, it was then that she took up painting on canvas. Her brightly colored paintings, especially those for kids and nurseries, quickly gained popularity and can now be found reproduced on various products in some of your favorite department stores.

Artist Inspiration

The motivation for my children's art has always been to make a kid smile. The paintings are whimsical and bright and often inspired by the imagination of a child. Some of my best paintings were done at the request of 4 year olds!