Fall Home Trends We’re Head Over Heels For!

Forget everything you thought you knew about fall colors and textures, and take a look at some of the newest trends hitting homes this fall. Do more than give your home a few accents to deviate from the light, airy look of summer and indulge your senses in vivid hues that vary from the traditional. These trends take you to an entirely new level of color, comfort, and stylish good looks, while bringing the feeling and fun and whimsy into your living space.....

Unique duvet covers for fallUnique duvet covers for fall

A Better Kind of Living Room

No matter what you call it, families are putting more of a focus on the rooms where they spend the most of their time together. The decor in living rooms, grand rooms, and family rooms is becoming more colorful and cozy, while electronics are being downplayed or banished altogether. The goal is to create an atmosphere that is more conducive to family interactions without the interruptions and distractions that are so much a part of everyday life.

Kids and pets alike have their place in the updated living space, implementing the textures and patterns that bring everyone together. Fleece throws and cushy throw pillows definitely have a place here!

Abstract illuminated wall artReinvented Fireplace

The Reinvented Fireplace

Fireplaces have evolved from a necessary source of heat centuries ago to decorative furniture that may not even be functional today. If you already have a fireplace that is no longer in use, this is your chance to give it purpose again. Look for ideas on how to update the fireplace and make it an area where people will want to sit, even if there is no fire to warm them.

Nothing sets the mood for a corner or an entire room more than a beautifully crafted fireplace. To bring a little more excitement to the look, add illuminated wall art that will add colorful light during any time of day or night.

Serene Bedrooms

Experts increasingly emphasize the importance of getting enough sleep and making it a peaceful rest. This fall, we are seeing more violets and colors of the sea in bedroom furnishings, replacing the traditional white and beige sheets that have become the standard. In addition to one of our artfully designed duvet covers, this is another area of the home that can benefit from the right piece of wall art, illuminated or merely capturing a peaceful atmosphere.

Playful Colors

Colors are bright, bold, and all mixed up. Many of the rules about combining certain patterns and shades are out the window. Instead, rainbow stripes, old-fashioned florals, and one-of-a-kind abstracts are all part of the same theme. You have more freedom to choose the colors and combinations that make you feel good and to put them in your home where you will get the greatest impact from them.

A Focus on Texture

It isn’t just the choices in color that are trending this fall; texture is playing an important role as well. Some of the most predominant fabric choices are woven fabrics that have a casual appearance to them.

What’s not to love with new colors, greater comfort, and more freedom to enjoy more of what you like best in one room? To learn more about our fleece throws, illuminated art, unique throw pillows, and everything you need to get your home ready for fall, call DiaNoche Designs at 1-888-963-9540.