Need Therapy to Reduce Stress? Get a Dog!

Monogrammed rugs and dog beds


You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when your pet looks at you with unconditional love? It turns out that the benefits of having a pet go much further than we ever imagined.

According to, research has proven that petting the furry member of your family has proven to decrease blood pressure, prolong survival rates after heart attacks, and even improve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Petting or playing with your dog or cat boosts production of stress-reducing hormones and decreases the production of hormones that cause stress.

A dog can do a world of good for your health, and they ask very little in return. One thing that every dog should have is their very own bed. Those offered at DiaNoche Designs include some of the same great designs as our art shower curtains, blankets, and more, along with some uniquely dog-focused patterns. Your dog is certain to appreciate the uniquely designed bed that coordinates beautifully with the rest of your furniture.

Features of the beds include:

  • Printed top with solid bottom
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • 100% Polyester fleece top
  • 100% heavy duty cotton canvas underside
  • Removable cover with zip closure
  • Dye sublimation printed for long life and durability
  • Made in the USA

For an added personal touch, have your pet’s name monogrammed on the bed. Call DiaNoche Designs at 888-963-9540 to place your custom order for your dog’s bed, and browse our selection of matching designer curtains, shower curtains, wall art, and more to complete the look!