Don’t Let Your Spare Room Be A Waste Of Space

reading room

Your spare room doesn’t have to be superfluous. Unnecessary. Unused. Don’t let that guest bedroom grow dusty and derelict in anticipation a guest that may or may not come to visit. What if that room were yours to use and enjoy every single day? A much better option isn’t it? Hey, there’s always the local hotel (and don’t forget about Air BNB), which we all know can be vastly better for ongoing familial love and affection! So you never a need to feel guilty about not being someone’s built in vacation accommodation. Woot woot!

So what is your heart’s desire? You know you’ve glanced longingly through that doorway and had a wish linger on the edge of your consciousness. So indulge yourself and imagine what you’d really love to see in that spare space. Perhaps…

Games room – Always dreamed about getting a pool table? What about a vintage pinball machine? Or simply a rockin’ flat screen and that long-coveted X-box? Heck, you could even install some shelves to house your favourite board games, get a big round table with chairs, and schedule a games night with your besties. Set up the games room you’ve always dreamed about and start chilling the beverages.

Media room – Movie night will never be the same. Get your surround sound hooked up to a humungous flat screen, along with your comfiest couch. Toss on a few DiaNoche pillows (to hide your eyes during the scary parts!), not to mention some Dianoche poufs (aka ottoman) to put up those weary during the scary parts!), not to mention some Dianoche poufs (aka ottoman) to put up those weary feet, or use for extra seating, and you’ve achieved entertainment perfection.

spare room

To really set the mood, hang some of your favourite framed movie posters for added ambience. Then, all you need to do is pop the popcorn and relax.

Plus, it means you can allow your living room to be just for… living! How classy are you?!

Media room/bar – For a really cool space for entertaining, install a bar in your media room to keep your favorite cocktails handy. Movies + cocktails = awesome.

Rumpus room – This is also known as Play Room for those little rug rats. Let them spread their toys from wall to wall. Just let kids be kids, and close that door on that chaos when it’s time for bed.

And do your kids love Lego? If so, then you’ve definitely experienced the searing pain of stepping on those evil little pieces. Make the first rule of the house that Lego remain in the Rumpus room – your feet will thank you.

Pet’s Palace – We love our pets. They are a part of the family and deserve their own space to romp and spread their toys! What about transforming that spare room into a space to entertain and enthrall your pet? Set up some super tall cat posts (keep that new sofa safe from being scratched to shreds) with high up perches for kitty to survey their kingdom. Have a place for some cat grass for them to munch on, and some super cozy cat beds for a morning (afternoon and evening) snooze…

Pet Palace

You can also install staggered shelves on the wall that lead to a high-up wall perch to really become the cat’s meow.

 Cat Shelves

Or perhaps just a couple of Dianoche pet beds and some gorgeously colourful Dianoche canvases will keep your puppies cozy and happy. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

 Dog Bed Art

Work out space – Let’s face it, gym memberships have gotten expensive. So if you don’t use your membership continually, it can feel like a waste of hard-earned cash. Why not set up a work out space in your spare room? Make it perfectly zen and inviting, and then get healthy. Having a dedicated space where you don’t have to move furniture out of the way or roll up area rugs can be the perfect motivation to not put off that work out and get in the head space to get healthy. Put up some motivating posters, and buy yourself a new workout outfit, and you’re good to go!

 Home Gym

Home Office – If you work from home, you know there can be a million distractions. Plus, working on your lap top on your sofa or the kitchen table is not exactly ergonomically designed. Buy a proper desk and, most importantly, a good chair with lumbar support that can be height adjusted, and both your body and mind will thank you.

Meditation room – Do you need a little peace and quiet in your life? Some stress relief? A meditation room might be just the thing to create some serenity in your life. This room needs to be comfortably warm and feel calming the minute you walk in. So paint the walls a soft, serene color, throw down some comfy cushions, and have a spot to set up music to set the mood. A little console for scented candles or incense will be the perfect complement. Make this space all yours and don’t be afraid to tell the rest of the family that this is your off-limits space (hey, teenagers do it!). And if you need to install a wine fridge, that’s your business. No judgment here!

 Meditation Room

Library/Reading Room – You’ve seen those rooms in movies where the walls are covered with dusty tomes from floor to ceiling and there is a large, buttery leather chair in the corner under a golden tasseled lamp. Looks wonderful, doesn’t it? While we may never have that many books, we can create our own cozy little library/reading room to delve into our most recent literary escape. Buy some inexpensive tall bookshelves and hit your local used book store and start building your collection. A comfy chair and a good reading light is all you need to get started.

Sewing/Hobby Room – Is your child a budding artist, but you’re tired of having crayons, markers, and paints strewn all over your kitchen table? A hobby room could just be the thing. Set up some art desks with all of their supplies, and let them create to their heart’s content.

If you’re a budding seamstress, you could be experiencing the same phenomenon with your own stuff! If you’re part way through a project and don’t want to pack everything away for next time, a sewing room is the perfect solution. Shut the door, and dive back in right where you left off—a great way to avoid procrastinating!

Sewing Room

Storage Room – Sounds a little boring, I know, but sometimes you need a space to store things that isn’t the garage. The garage can be a great place for storage, unless it’s something that is moisture sensitive or vulnerable to rodents.

Mice always seem to find their way into garages and love to gnaw on cardboard boxes, or burrow in chairs or mattresses. Yuck right?  

Tom and Jerry

What’s your dream for your spare room? We would love to hear from you and help you achieve it with our Dianoche Designs. Let you imagination run wild! 

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