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MaJoBV From Columbia

I'm MaJo, short for Maria Jos', but also a Spanish adjective that encloses many of the characteristics that define me and of course, my work: playful, bold, colorful, likeable. I'm fascinated by colors, shapes and textures found in nature; enchanted by children's drawings and handwriting; fond of all things 'cute', animals (especially dogs - I love dogs), textiles, sewing, all kind of DIY projects, costumes (firm believer that any occasion is good to dress up!), childlike things, gelato, chocolate and Nutella, my mom and grandma's food, and I also have a peculiar obsession for fake eyelashes. I revel in being a Surface Designer because I believe color, patterns and textures make our lives happier and help us interact with our environment in a more fun and enjoyable way.