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Shay Livenspargar From

Shay Livenspargar was born in Jacksonville, Florida. She moved to California as a toddler and currently resides in Lodi, California. Being an active mother to four children, Shay has spent many years volunteering, doing various art projects for schools in her area. Sharing various techniques with the students and allowing them the freedom to express themselves in their own creative way is what brings her joy. It was not until recently that Shay began indulging in her own art journey , expressing herself thru colorful creativity. Using various mediums and being self-taught, Shay considers herself a multi-medium artist, where she can freely share her happiness and sassiness for life. Shays art has reached many, near and far, putting smiles in the hearts of many thru her unique creativity. She looks eagerly to her future of positively impacting the lives of many more as she continues to explore her artist talents.