About Us

DiaNoche Designs illuminates and decorates homes with our Signature Illuminated Wall Art, bedding, shower curtains, canvas wall art, and more! Our Illuminated Art is the perfect nightlight for a nursery, child's bedroom, dim living room, or any wall or space that needs radiance. Images of artists' original works enliven a space during the day, while calming Illuminated Wall Art creates ambiance at night with the flip of a switch.

All of our artistic products are made in the USA from the BEST quality materials available. Want something custom? Just ask! We can turn photos, company logos, children's artwork and more into an amazing artistic masterpiece on any of our products! Gift Certificates are also available for purchase.

Everything we manufacture is made just for you at the time it is ordered and not before. Our goal is for you to make a personal connection with your art and space. Express yourself in a new way, create something together with your loved ones, or design a conversation piece that will get used every day.

At DiaNoche Designs, we consider our artists as part of the family. Take a minute to get to know our artists too! More than 70 artists from Indonesia, USA, Israel, Ireland, Australia, Spain, England, Norway and many other countries share their stories and inspirations for their art on our site.

Erik and Rachel Mathews are both, “work with their hands” kind of people. As a young child, Rachel grew up painting, refinishing furniture and rearranging her room herself. Creating her own unique space has stayed with her over the years and she has now found a way to share this passion with your children and in your homes. Erik was more of the, “outdoorsy type”, learning how to build and take things apart, land scaping, and just general ability to make anything work. First, Erik designed the Illuminated Wall Art, and shortly after came the duvet covers, velveteen throw blankets, pillows, sheets, shower curtains and more. Together, they make an amazing team! Rachel designs what she wants to offer as products, and Erik makes it happen from the, “Engineering” side. Their passion to deliver quality custom products created by their customers is what keeps them motivated and excited every day. Waking up to new art that comes in from the artists is the perfect way to start the day-what could be better than looking at breath taking images all day!