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Pom Graphic Design From Miami

I am a Peruvian Artist born in Miami. Living in a country with such a rich culture is where it all began. I had this desire for travel and adventure since I was very little, and once I set foot in my first mystical trip, I started to feel the connection between the harmony in nature and the art within it, so this is when I decided to manifest it in my work. I communicate my art through oil & acrylic paintings, drawings in pencil or rapidograph. I Graduated in 2009 with a BS in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. I communicate life, energy and forces of nature in its abstract form through my art. You can see many organic and geometrical multicolor or black and white shapes in each piece, with tribal, Aztec, ethnic and native motifs as well. I also get my inspiration from different cultures and art movements. For example, some of my work has certain influence from my Inca culture, and native icons.