Stand Out in Yoga Class: DiaNoche Design’s Fun Yoga Mats!

colorful artistic yoga mats

For some, Yoga is about achieving peace and spirituality, while others lean more toward balancing their physical being and achieving better health.

Don’t overlook the impact that color has on your ability to accomplish what you set out to do. The clothes you wear and the equipment you use can help you get into the right mood and even propel you forward to help you master challenging poses that you never attempted before. A good place to start is with our leggings. They are the ideal choice for colorful, artistic yoga pants that are inspirational in a number of ways.

Our artistic leggings are available in a wide variety of designs and colors so that you can make a statement whenever you are in yoga class or on everyday errands. Each pair is designed by a real artist, and they are made to be comfortable and fun while also keeping you cool.


Turn Your Yoga Mat into a Focal Point

Our funky artistic yoga mats are as functional as they are vivid and delightful! If you struggle to keep your focus during yoga class, your mat could be the perfect focal point to help you out. The roomy mats are 72” x 24” so you have all the room you need to stretch out. Each mat comes with an orange bag and adjustable shoulder strap to make them easily portable. They are also latex- and silicone-free.

Browse our selection of fun and colorful yoga leggings, mats, and tote bags, and bring your yoga experience to a higher level with the inspiration of art and color. Contact DiaNoche Designs at 888-963-9540 or with questions or to order a customized product.