Create Awareness for Dysautonomia Duvet Covers and Sham Sets Sale

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October is Dysautonomia Awareness month and it's important to spread the word to help people with this debilitating illness. We have one of our DiaNoche family who is living with Dysautonomia and are doing what we can to help support Stacey and the community.

Create Awareness for Dysautonomia Duvet Covers and Sham Sets Sale (SAVE 25%)

Create an enchanting nest for bedtime with decorative Duvet Covers and Shams from DiaNoche Designs.  Your designer Duvet Cover can be matched with our unique Illuminated Wall Art, Canvas Wall Art, Blankets, Bed Sheets, and Pillows.  Each Duvet is first printed, then meticulously sewn and shipped to your door.  Made in the USA!  Wash upon arrival for maximum softness. Comforter/Blanket not included.

Duvet Covers and Sham Sets

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Dysautonomia Awareness

Never heard of it?  Neither had we. Yet 70 million people worldwide live each day with a form of Dysautonomia. 70 million people!  It is a blanket term that describes a maelstrom of medical conditions that affect the Autonomic Nervous System.  Our Autonomic Nervous System is a very complex network within us that controls all of the wonderful things we take for granted every day:  blood pressure, heart rate, kidney function, digesting our food, body temperature and so much more.  Can you imagine these bodily functions that are as normal as breathing suddenly going haywire?  The effects are overwhelming physically, mentally and emotionally. 


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