DiaNoche Designs Featured Artist: Patti Schermerhorn

Patti Schermerhorn Art

Artist Name Patti Schermerhorn

Artist Bio       

Patti grew up in Panama and has lived in San Antonio for the past three decades. Because both places are full of culture and color, they have been a big inspiration for creating her artwork. Her unique mosaic style is vibrant in color and happy in tone. She uses vivid color in all of her art pieces as she believes it truly sets a tone and movement creating passion in those who view it.

Artist Inspiration

"My Caribbean Series is inspired by my frequent travels there. I love the bright colors of the Caribbean and it is fun to integrate them into everything from my version of a Sea Turtle to the houses that dot the hillsides."

Artist Location Texas, USA

Patti Schermerhorn Love for Texas

Artist Interview

Recently we were lucky to have the opportunity to interview Patti and find out more about her. 

What’s your favorite piece of work that you have created?

My favorite piece of art is entitled “Island Time”. I love it so much because it’s happy and it captures the feel of our favorite place to travel, The Caribbean.

Patti Schermerhorn Island Time

What are you working on at the moment?

Currently I am working on a really fun project. I recently created the Campaign Poster for The United Way of San Antonio/Bexar County. I asked the President of HEB, Craig Boyan, who is this years Chairperson, if they would place that image on their recycle bags to help raise additional money for the United Way. That project is hitting the San Antonio Market in October. They liked my art work so much that they asked me to do a special piece for the Austin and the Houston Markets that will also be placed on their recycle bags this coming Spring.

What are your goals for the future, both work wise and life?

Aside from Stacey having her health issues, I have my own. I have a very debilitating and chronic degeneration of the nerves in my legs and back, as well as my spine degenerating and moving. (We are quite the pair aren’t we) So, I just paint to calm myself. It helps me forget about my pain levels. So, my goals are to continue to work on my own health and easier ways to move and lessen my pain levels, to help find a solution for Stacey through research and great doctors and self care, to continue to paint for me and smile when people fall in love with my art work. Continue to give back to the community through my art work. And to remain positive, happy and madly in love.

DiaNoche Designs Featured Artist: Patti Schermerhorn

What are you doing when you’re not creating? What (other) hobbies do you have?

My other very big passion in life is food. Prior to having to stop working, I was a Managing Partner for a restaurant. I loved it. I loved the people, the atmosphere but especially learning so much about food. Stacey gets to reap the benefits of this passion. I also love to garden and watch things grow.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I think that people would be surprised to find out that I donate between 30,000 and 50,000 a year in art work to local charities.

Where else do you sell your work?

So years ago, I had a rather snooty gallery owner say to me and I quote, “ we don’t like artists who sell their artwork on the web, it cheapens them”. Well, to say the least, I didn’t agree and I think you can do both.

I proudly sell my artwork through DiaNoche Designs and my website. You can also find my art in Bed Bath and Beyond in some cities. Since you saw the “what would people be surprised to find out about you”.....I do a lot of my art work out of my home studio.

I recently have either sold out or have pulled out of certain galleries but you can still find my art at:

Texcetera Art Gallery in Johnson City, Texas

Latitudes in Rockport, Texas

Art Inc, San Antonio, Texas

Wine 101 in Bulverde, Texas

and I’m about to do a show at Starbucks in Alamo Heights in the Fall.

Do you have any tips or inspiring words for others?

Yes, I actually do.

Give, give, give. Align yourself with charities you love. One, it’s good for the soul. Two, you make wonderful connections. Three, a lot of people will see your art work at these functions.

Secondly, always give of your time. I get lots of emails on a weekly bases from young artists with questions and someone always needs your help, kind words and encouragement.

Lastly, never be afraid to ask. The worst thing someone can tell you is no and the best thing they will tell you is yes! My mom taught me this and it has served me well. So, have courage. Whether it’s a gallery, a show, a venue or just life.


Do you admire any artists / photographers? (Famous or not!)

I admire several artists. One in particular, WB Thompson. Aside from the fact that I just adore his beautiful artwork, he’s the one who took the time to write me back and give me the inspiring words above. I took them very seriously and they have served me well. 

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