Poufs That Pop: Your Stylish Secret Weapon

Poufs That Pop

Real Men Decorate With Poufs…

OK, that could be a stretch. But male or female, we like our digs to reflect that in life, we have arrived. We’re all grown up, successful, and … classy! And that means not just having moved beyond milk crates, but having a space that looks and feels like home—a place that you’d be proud to host your family, friends, or that special someone.

By the way fellas, poufs are ottomans. And they are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you (ok, the missus) could ever add to your decorating repertoire. Sure, they are perfect for putting up your tired feet, but truly they are so much more. From casual to classy, they can dress up any space.

So how can these perfectly pretty poufs make your home a posh pad? Let Dianoche count the ways…

Poufs Home Decor

The Obvious And Always Welcome Foot Rest

This is the most traditional use for the multipurpose ottoman. There is nothing more relaxing than stretching out on your couch, and propping up those tender tootsies. And that is something that will never go out of style.

Extra Seating

We don’t all have room to keep a stash of chairs for extra guests cluttering up our home. And we certainly don’t want to drag a heavy arm chair out of the bedroom or den for extra seating. This is job for super-pouf! Your stylish ottoman is a decor darling tailor made for this occasion.

Extra Seating Poufs

If you’re short on space, tuck them away under the coffee table or nestle them at the foot of the bed to toss your robe and your latest paperback bodice-ripper.

Coffee Table Poufs

Use As A Coffee Table Or End Table

Ottomans come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. They can complement your decor while practically displaying your favorite coffee table book on Tuscany, or serving up cocktails or coffee to guest on a chic bamboo drink tray. Buy a large ottoman, or arrange two or three together with a big tray on top.

Cool For Kids

Unlike wooden or glass furniture, ottomans have no sharp or steely corners that toddlers can bonk their heads on. Perfect for propping up little elbows, playing board games or vrooming their cars while leaving the kitchen table free for more adult pursuits (wine tasting with the girls perhaps?). Poufs also add additional comfort and functionality to help with those late nights spent in the nursery.

Nursery Pouf

Create A Pop Of Color

Need to create an impact in an otherwise monochromatic or plain looking space? A brightly colored ottoman just might be the decorating stroke of genius you’re looking for.

Pop with Color Poufs

A Spectacular Showpiece

Ottomans can be understated and compact, tucked discreetly in a corner, or as the featured piece that dominates the room. With the right combination of rich fabrics, textured or tufted materials, your ottoman show piece can be an outright show off.

Ottomans and poufs can be fun, functional and fashionable.  Whether they are the focal point of your room or a subtle accent, you’ll find an ottoman to complement any décor, from rustic to regal.  Check out our monogram ottomans to spell out a fun message for a whimsical touch.  Have fun choosing, and then reap the relaxing rewards!  Yup, you’ve got style!

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